March Newsletter

Your Pet Ate What?

The Crazy Things Pets Find Tasty

Your Pet Ate What?

Cats and dogs have strange appetites, to say the least. Canned food that makes us hold our noses is ambrosial to them. And when left unattended, pets have been known to consume odd things that they consider edible, from shiny new shoes to homework (it’s not always an excuse; sometimes it’s true!).

We asked PetRescuers on Facebook & Twitter: “What’s the craziest thing your pet has ever eaten?” We received more than a thousand comments, detailing items we’d never before considered tasty. Among the most surprising:

  • “A fluorescent light bulb… and a hearing aid” — Tonja O.
  • “My cat eats Q-tips. I have to hide them from him!” — Louise J.
  • “Where do I start? The remote control, couch, a book, her crate, cords, curtains…the list goes on” — Brenda M.
  • “My diamond hoop earrings” — Tina S.
  • “He likes Scotch on the rocks” — Joyce W.
  • “A $100 dollar bill she stole off the table” — Daniel V.
  • “My passport, the night before I was to fly internationally” — Claudi D.
  • “Our Chihuahua eats toenails. When you clip your nails, you have to catch them or she will eat them. Gross!” — Ree M.
  • “My dog Snicket ate a book I bought entitled ‘The Perfect Puppy: Raising a Well Behaved Dog.’ I found that rather ironic” — Kristi H.

Despite our best efforts to keep pets safe, they still sometimes eat the wrong thing. If your pet has an appetite for mischief, there’s no telling what he’ll get into — or might get into him. Know whom to call. Full service, HomeAgain members can call the ASPCA-staffed Emergency Medical Hotline at no cost (a $65 value per call).