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Why Mutts are Awesome

Why Mutts are Awesome

Mixed-parent puppies often combine the best charateristics of their dam and sire. And that’s just one reason why “Heinz 57” dogs make such wonderful companions.

If you live with a mutt, you already know what makes them so special. And if you’re thinking of adding a dog to your household, these five reasons may convince you to choose an all-American mixed-breed.

1. Mutts have A Style All Their Own

A mutt’s looks are one-of-kind. People who want a dog that doesn’t look like every other member of a breed treasure the unique appearance of mutts. They can run the gamut from tiny Chihuahua mixes to lumbering Mastiff crosses, exhibiting a near-endless variety of sizes, colors, and personality traits.

2. Mutts have Good Temperaments

Not only does a mutt combine the physical traits of the breeds that comprise it, but it blends their temperaments, too. When dogs are bred for specific skills such as hunting or herding, they may have behavioral or physical problems endemic to that breed. In mixed breeds, the gene pool is larger and therefore the effects of such problems are diluted. They are less likely to show extremes in temperament and behavior and tend to be fairly healthy.

3. Mutts are Healthy

Certain dog breeds are prone to specific illnesses and conditions. Intentional mating, particularly at puppy mills, can create unhealthy, inbred dogs prone to carry a particular breed’s genetic defects. As a group, dogs of varied ancestry are less fragile and less likely to succumb to breed-specific illnesses thanks to their genetic diversity. In addition, mutts live longer than purebreds. According to a 2013 study, mutts live 1.2 years longer than purebreds of the same weight.

4. Mutts are Good Sports

Although mixed-breed dogs may not be welcome at confirmations shows, they often excel at obedience training, agility trials, dog Frisbee and other people-pet activities. Ironically, some all-Americans are turned into shelters because they are overly active and energetic; those same qualities may indicate that a dog has the potential to be a winning athlete. They are also working as service dogs these days, aiding everyone from people with disabilities to agents in the Transportation Security Administration.

5. Mutts Save You Money

Did you know that 75% of all dogs in US animal shelters are mutts? Yet puppies and pedigrees are usually the first to go to new homes. Consequently, many shelters charge a lower fee to adopt out an adult or senior mixed-breed. That financial incentive makes mutts available to more families. And there are even greater rewards to choosing a mixed-breed as your next pet: The more that are adopted, the less puppy mills will thrive. And by taking that handsome or funny-looking mutt out of a shelter and into your home and your heart, you truly are saving a life.