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Give Your Pet the Best Chance of Coming Home to You

At HomeAgain, owners of pets implanted with any brand of microchip are eligible to register in our membership program. Enroll your pet today, and experience peace of mind knowing we’ll be here to protect them. Each month we reunite 10,000 lost pets with their owners, and we’re the only pet recovery service with a network of over 450,000 volunteer PetRescuers nationwide.

  • HomeAgain membership costs just $16.99 per year
  • HomeAgain permanently registers every pet in our National Pet Recovery Database
  • HomeAgain provides a full suite of membership services to protect pets

Enroll in HomeAgain

HomeAgain needs your pet’s microchip ID number to enroll him or her in our database.
How do I find my pet’s microchip ID?

*Your email address will be your username to login at Homeagain.com.

I thought his microchip would protect him if he ever got lost.
Many owners don’t realize they also need to register their microchipped pets

HomeAgain Membership Benefits

National Pet
Recovery Database
Your Pet’s microchip ID #, his or her pet profile and your contact information are registered in our database, for life.
Lost Pet
Get help from our trained specialists who send out alerts to mobilize the PetRescuer Network and help you begin your search.
Lost Pet
We send rapid alerts to members of our PetRescuer Network–veterinarians, animal shelters & volunteers–within a 25-mile radius.
24-Hour Pet Medical
Emergency Hotline
Free telephone access to licensed ASPCA veterinarians for help anytime a pet medical emergency strikes!
Lost Pet
Medical Insurance
Up to $3000 in medical coverage (less $50 deductible) for injuries cats & dogs suffer while lost. Once enrolled, call to activate.
Found Pet
Travel Assistance
When a lost cat or dog is found over 500 miles from home, we cover $500 in air travel fees to fly him or her back home.