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The first step in total pet safety is a microchip from HomeAgain.

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GPS Pet Tracking or Microchipping? Which Protects Your Pet Best?

GPS pet tracking can tell you where your pet is if he goes missing. However, pet GPS devices can be expensive, too large for small dogs and cats, and they require battery power.

Microchipping is permanent, inexpensive, and has no internal battery or power source. If the idea of having a vet implant a microchip in your pet is intimidating, watch our video to see how simple and quick it is.

Key Microchipping Benefits

  • Permanent identification never needs to be replaced, and cannot fall off or become impossible to read.
  • The ID is unique and is used to retrieve your contact information.
  • Access to a PetRescuer network to help you look for your lost pet.

While pet GPS tracking devices can be expensive, microchipping is not. The price can vary from one veterinarian to another, but implanting the microchip costs around $45. In addition, there is an annual fee of $14.99 for your pet's HomeAgain membership.

The HomeAgain pet microchip has reunited over 600,000 lost pets and their owners. We can help you keep your pet safe, too.